Conservation is a problem we all face in the
Dwindling resources we have to work with. It is our sport, if we don't care who will ? Voice your opinion, when and where it counts. Help Keep our Water and other Natural Resources clean and free of trash and debris. Less what once looked like this .

Could one day possibly too soon, look like this.

Those with the money and power are buying up our rights to free beaches and water ways. Free access to the water is our rights and nobody should have the power to shut us off from it. But it is getting harder and harder to defend these positions simply because of those who feel it is their rights to trash these areas. Even where you have had freedom of some areas that were owned by sports minded people, those areas have been closed off because of the few that decided to carry their debris and leave it behind at these sites. Trash is picked up nearly every week in most communities, there is no reason you can give in this world to leave it on another's door step. Are we Missing something ? Clean up after your self then no one else will have to do the job for you. Make believe Our Mothers aren't with us. And possibly if you see something that is left behind by a
Simulated sportsman, collect it, bring it home and put it in the


Please take your trash and a bit more
Home with you.

If you have the opportunity to fish from the shores of another's land, Leave it cleaner than when you found it.
If that owner has to clean his land it won't be long until no fishing is done from it and it will be posted as such,
What a loss that would be.

ByDonr. Roberts © 02/18/16